HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Python


React / Redux Vue / Vuex Sass Webpack


Node.js Express.js Koa.js Django


MongoDB MySQL RethinkDB


Docker Kubernetes AWS


Mocha Jest


Keras Tensorflow


RabbitMQ Git



Minimum Viable Products Full-stack development Test-driven development


UI / UX Agile project management Product management


Data science Scraping Data visualization


API Integrations Microservices Internal tools


Deep learning Natural language processing

Work examples

Startup Jobs Report

Data startup

Node.js, MongoDB, Vue, Koa

Utopia Entertainment Group

Music startup

Node.js, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, React, Redux


Entrepreneurs network

Python, RethinkDB, MongoDB, Analytics

1000 Angels

Investor network

HTML5, SASS, Angular, Node, MongoDB


Vacation Rental Software

Product management, UX, SCRUM


Growshop marketplace

HAML, SASS, Angular.js, Node.js, MySQL


Quora for parents

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Python


E-learning Platform

HTML5, SASS, Backbone.js, Django, MySQL


Language learning platform

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL


Cloud Desktop

Product management, Project management


Collaboration Software

React/Redux, Node, RethinkDB, GraphQL


Productivity Software

HTML5, SASS, React.js, Redux, Elixir, MySQL

Kigo Product Management

Roadmap tool

HTML, CSS, Angular.js, PHP, MySQL


Test Preparation Tool

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL


Au Pair social network

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL


Startup Jobs Report

Founder, 2018

The Startup Jobs Report is a startup working on gathering, processing and presenting job market data.

HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue, Koa, MongoDB

Utopia Entertainment Group

Software engineer, 2017

Utopia Entertainment Group is a holding company working on several products and initiatives to revolutionize the music industry.

My focus is on data gathering with a microservice architecture using workers, scraping, REST APIs and message queues.

HTML/CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, MongoDB, Coffeescript

CoFoundersLab (Onevest)

Software engineer / Data scientist, 2016

CoFoundersLab is the leading entrepreneurial network where founders and advisors find and collaborate with each other.

I'm responsible for implementing new features on the platform, mainly contributing in the front-end. I am also responsible for data collection, analysis, modeling and reporting, and essentially leading the analysis of CoFoundersLab product-data by applying data science techniques.

HTML/CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, Python, MongoDB, RethinkDB | Kissmetrics, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Mixpanel

1000 Angels (Onevest)

Product Engineer, 2016

1000 Angels is a start-up investing platform for accredited investors.

I am responsible for product direction and execution, from ideation to launch, applying agile development and data-driven processes. I am also in charge of all technical developments in our investing platform, including new features, product enhancements, integrations, backoffice and payments.

HTML5, SCSS, MEAN Stack: Angular, Node (Express), MongoDB, REST APIs (Stripe, Sendwithus, Kissmetrics, Hubspot), GIT, Heroku, AWS.


CTO, Cofounder, 2014-15

Growfighters is a marketplace for growshops.

As cofounder and technical partner my responsibilities were to build the product, including design, user experience and full-stack development.

The product has 4 components: the comparison site, a backoffice for catalog management, a scrapping platform that captures product information and feed parser technology to connect with distributors.

HAML, SCSS, Javascript, Node, Angular, MySQL, Scrapping, REST APIs.

Kigo (Realpage)

Head of Product, 2013-16

Kigo is the leading software provider for vacation rental agencies.

As the first product employee my main contribution was to start the product management unit. During my 3 years at the company, I:

  • - established an agile development process that increased the number and quality of our releases,
  • - owned and prioritized the product roadmap, introducing customer and stakeholder feedback and providing structure to the planning process;
  • - created mockup and technical specification repository, which reduced the number of iterations and increased developer happiness,
  • - supported sales, customer support, business development and other business units with extensive documentation, training and guidance, improving the company's overall performance.



Developer (Freelance), 2013

Quibly is a Q&A social network for parents.

Worked directly with the founder to develop the MVP.

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Backbone, Python, MySQL.


CTO, Cofounder, 2013

easynube is a technology e-learning platform.

As cofounder and technical partner my responsibilities were to build the MVP.

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Backbone, Python, Django, MySQL.


Product manager, 2012

eyeOS is the leading cloud desktop.

I worked with the tech team monitoring the development process and planning feature requests.

Also led various projects for the business unit, such as the creation of a partner program and the launch of a new corporate website, among others.



CTO, Cofounder, 2012

LingoJump is a language e-learning platform.

As cofounder and technical partner my responsibilities were product design and MVP development.


Teambound (2016)

Teambound is a collaboration software, a combination of Asana and Slack.

I started this project mainly to consolidate React/Redux patterns and to learn GraphQL and RethinkDB.

HTML5, SASS, Javascript, React, Redux, NodeJS, RethinkDB, GraphQL.

Hyperform (2015)

Hyperform is a productivity software, a hybrid mixing Task and Product management.

I started this project mainly to learn React, Redux and Elixir.

HTML5, SCSS, Javascript, React, Redux, Elixir, MySQL.

Kigo Roadmap Tool (2014)

At Kigo we opted to develop an internal tool to manage our roadmap.

It allowed to add feature requests, manage the development funnel stages, comments, inline-editing, GANTT charts and analytics section.

HTML5, SCSS, Javascript, Angular, PHP, MySQL.

GMATAnalytics (2009)

A preparation tool to improve the performance on the GMAT test.

After my experience taking the test I realized one of the keys to get a good score is to focus on your weak areas. In order to do this a log becomes critical and so I decided to develop this application.

There were 3 main features: 1) simultaneous data-entry during practice time, essentially saving a lot of not having to enter the data afterwards, 2) a list with all the questions introduced, able to filter by all sorts of attributes, 3) an analytics section that provided insights on what study areas was worth the focus.

Despite I started developing 10 years prior to the release of GMATAnalytics, this was my first SaaS app. I developed my own PHP and Javascript frameworks (XmlHttpRequest days) and so it was a huge undertaking at the time.

HTML5, SCSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL.

Au Pair TV (2008)

A project of a social network for Au Pairs

HTML5, SCSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL.